the director

Sreemith , has directed Six documentaries and a music video, all on issues pertaining to the common people. A post graduate diploma in Science and Development Communication, Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Bachelors degree in English Language and Literature are his educational credentials. He is part of a media activist organization-Pedestrian pictures.
He has worked in mainstream TV channels, as Program Producer, of various popular programs.
Sreemith has made his mark in academics too by being a faculty in visual media,in different well known Educational Institutions for as long as five years.
Sreemith has done camera for documentaries,short films etc..
Sreemith has been a percussionist in several local bands, and a voice artist in AIR from his school days onwards.
Sreemith has been recognised with awards, for his talents as a percussionist, as a Camera person, and as a Director of Documentary Films.
1. After waves (documentary on the conflict between rehabilitation policies and sense of security of tsunami victims)
2. Rental Arrears( On people's eviction for vallarpadam container trminal project.)
3. Filling the blanks(On three women living with different social identities)
4. Get Up Stand Up(on kudankulam people's movement.)
5. She Paints(On women painters.)
6. Song Of the coastal lilies(Music video on kudankulam movement and nuclear movements over the world.)
7.Water Mark (Under Production.On killing of fisher people by Sri-Lankan navy in the name of border.)

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